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Deck Construction & Repair Jefferson County MO
Composite Decks



At Pro Decks, we understand the desire for a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor space. That's why we proudly offer composite decks – an exceptional choice for homeowners in Jefferson County, MO, seeking both style and functionality.

Unveiling the Benefits of Composite Decks:

  • Long-lasting Durability: Composite decks are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and intense sunlight. They resist warping, rotting, and insect damage, providing lasting value for your investment.

  • Minimal Maintenance: Unlike traditional wood decks, composite decks require minimal upkeep. Regular cleaning with soap and water is usually sufficient to maintain their vibrant appearance. Say goodbye to time-consuming staining and sealing!

  • Aesthetics That Impress: Gone are the days of limited design options for composite decks. Today's high-quality composites boast a captivating array of colors and textures that mimic the natural beauty of wood while offering a wider design palette.

  • Eco-Conscious Appeal: Many composite decks are manufactured using recycled materials, making them a more sustainable choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

  • Enhanced Safety:  Composite decks offer superior slip resistance compared to traditional wood decks, especially when wet. This added safety feature provides peace of mind for families and guests enjoying your outdoor space.

Perfect for Your Jefferson County, MO, Lifestyle:

Composite decks are ideal for busy homeowners who value a low-maintenance outdoor living area. They are perfect for:

  • Family Gatherings: Host memorable barbecues and social events on your beautiful and durable composite deck.

  • Relaxation and Unwinding: Unwind after a long day on your comfortable and low-maintenance composite deck.

  • Year-Round Enjoyment: Spend quality time outdoors throughout the year on your weather-resistant composite deck.

Pro Decks: Your Composite Deck Experts:

As trusted deck builders in Jefferson County, MO, Pro Decks is here to guide you through every step of the composite deck selection and installation process. We offer a variety of high-performance composite materials and collaborate with you to design a deck that reflects your unique style and complements your home's architecture.

Contact Pro Decks today for a free consultation and discover the many advantages of composite decks for your Jefferson County, MO, home. We'll help you create a beautiful and low-maintenance outdoor space you'll love for years to come!

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